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Bouncing Souls, Support: The Menzingers, Roger Harvey


Bouncing Souls, Support: The Menzingers, Roger Harvey

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Wer hätte 1989 gedacht, dass die BOUNCING SOULS auch 2016 noch auf die Bühnen steigen, und zwar nahezu in Originalbesetzung? Wer hätte gedacht, dass dann George Rebelo von Hot Water Music und (kurzfristig) Against Me! als neuer Schalgzeuger in die Felle hämmern würde? Dass in diesem Jahr das inzwischen zehnte Studioalbum „Simplicity“ erscheinen würde? Nach über 100 Songs und etlichen Jahren in den Konzerthallen und auf den Highways der ganzen Welt, gehen die Punkrock-Urgesteine wieder zurück zu den Wurzeln. Den Geist der ersten Stücke haben BOUNCING SOULS beschworen. Nicht zu viel denken, nicht überproduzieren, raus mit der Kante, roher Sound als wäre es live und ab geht’s. Damit zementieren die Jungs nach bald drei Dekaden ihren Ruf als ewig junge Punkband von der Ostküste. Klassiker wie „Sing Along Forever“, „Kate Is Great“ oder „The Freaks, The Nerds, And The Romantics“ gehören zum Genre wie das Riff zur Gitarre. Mit der neuen Platte kommen noch ein paar weitere dieser Klassiker dazu, versprochen. Und wer so lange Zeit quasi ständig auf Tour war, wer so geradlinig auf die Bühnen tritt, wer so viel Hingabe mitbringt, kann einfach nur aus einem Konzert ein Erlebnis machen. Und damit das auch eine richtig runde Veranstaltung wird, bringen die BOUNCING SOULS auch noch eine Menge Freunde mit. Da wären an erste Stelle The Menzingers zu nennen, mit denen BOUNCING SOULS mehr verbindet als eine gemeinsames Genre. Schließlich haben die beiden Bands vor nicht allzu langer Zeit eine ziemlich großartige Split-Single veröffentlicht. Abgerundet wird das Line-up durch Roger Harvey von den White Wives – wie The Menzingers aus Pennsylvania -, der im vergangenen November sein Solodebüt „Twelve Houses“ veröffentlicht hat.


The Menzingers

Philadelphia-by-way-of Scranton punk band, The Menzingers’ latest album, 2014’s phenomenal ‘Rented World’ was their second for Epitaph Records following the highly acclaimed ‘On The Impossible Past,’ which was released in 2012. Universal praise for both albums applauded the band for its punk roots and quintessentially Midwest romantics. The same accolades have followed The Menzingers since they formed as teenagers and released their first records, ‘Chamberlain Waits’ (2010) and ‘A Lesson In The Abuse of Information Technology’ (2007).

No longer housemates in Scranton, PA, the title to ‘Rented World’ mirrors the band’s lifestyle since moving to Philly in 2008. They were renting separate abodes around the city, but maintained a practice space in North Philly where the majority of the record was written. Faithfully archetypal Rust Belt punk, ‘Rented World’ is an album concerned with maintaining a sense of self, the softening of posture, and the burden of harsh realities. ‘Rented World’ remains punk, while fearlessly colliding the snarl of early emo with grungy, 90s grit (‘Bad Things’) and exploring the celestial expanse of post-rock (‘Transient Love’). It’s slightly new territory for a band coping with their mid-twenties, and whether you’ve been there or you’re on the way there you’ll be able to identify the maturation that comes with the milestone.

While the previous two records live in the trademark angst of Chicago producer Matt Allison (Alkaline Trio and Lawrence Arms) and his Atlas Studio sound, The Menzingers kept it Philly-local for ‘Rented World’, enlisting Jonathan Low, whose distinctively rich Americana sound resonates through the careers of The War On Drugs, Sharon Van Etten, Kurt Vile, and The National.

Since releasing the album last year, The Menzingers have been touring worldwide, supporting the likes of Taking Back Sunday in their native US, as well as heading to Australia to play with The Smith Street Band. In the UK, the band completed a phenomenal headline tour towards the end of 2014 which saw them sell out London’s Electric Ballroom. This summer continues their busy touring schedule with performances at the legendary Reading and Leeds Festivals on the horizon, as well as a support slot with The Offspring at their London and Manchester shows in August.


Roger Harvey

Coming of age in Pennsylvania’s snowbelt and traveling with bands since before he was a teenager, Harvey began cutting his songwriting teeth in his early 20s as Dandelion Snow while laying down new roots in Kings County, Brooklyn. Relocating back to his home state in 2010 to form the punk act White Wives, he quickly began collecting new material.

After befriending producer/multi-instrumentalist J. Vega in 2012, the two holed up for over a year in Vega’s The Wilderness Recording Studio, to piece together a new album, Twelve Houses, with the help of nearly a dozen friends and local music makers. Starting as a single recording session and evolving into the accidental formation of a live band. Harvey and Vega convened with drummer Erik Pitluga and bassist Josh Hovanec to bring the songs to the stage.

As heartbreaking as it is uplifting, Twelve Houses is a fiercely deliberate case study on nostalgia, perspective, and transformation. A beautifully lush record connected by recurring themes and symbolism, the album veers effortlessly from guitar rock to psychedelia, at times intimately minimal and others instrumentally oversaturated, Twelve Houses sounds like the record Jeff Mangum would have made if he’d grown up in the 90s.


Bouncing Souls, Support: The Menzingers, Roger Harvey

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