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Pennywise + Circle Jerks - Neuer Termin folgt


Pennywise + Circle Jerks - Neuer Termin folgt

Never Gonna Die, the new album from Pennywise, is available now. The legendary punk band’s twelfth full-length, Never Gonna Die is the first full album of new songs with singer Jim Lindberg, guitarist Fletcher Dragge, drummer Byron McMackin, and bassist Randy Bradbury in over a decade.

Produced by longtime Pennywise collaborator Cameron Webb (Motörhead, NOFX, Alkaline Trio), Never Gonna Die came to life in the same space where the band penned classic songs with late bassist Jason Thirsk. With their quintessential power to merge the subversive and the celebratory, Pennywise have built the album on fast-paced anthems expertly engineered to inspire radical change, personal empowerment, relentless hijinks, and reckless fast times.

Formed in the South Bay of Los Angeles—a neighborhood with a rich punk-rock history—Pennywise began in 1988. The band went on to amass an international following with their relentless touring and a melodic, high-energy sound fusing classic punk, surf punk, and blistering hardcore. Through the years, Pennywise have solidified their place in punk history with iconic songs like “Fuck Authority,” “Alien,” and “Bro Hymn” (their timeless ode to brotherhood and departed friends).


Jim Lindberg – Vocals

Fletcher Dragge – Guitars

Randy Bradbury – Bass

Byron McMackin – Drums

Circle Jerks emerged from the punk underbelly of LA’s South Bay in 1979. After serving as a co-founder and lead vocalist of Black Flag during the recording of its essential Nervous Breakdown EP, Keith Morris joined forces with former Redd Kross guitarist Greg Hetson to form what would become Circle Jerks. Unlike much of the unapologetic hardcore that seeped through the cracks of American suburbia, the music of the Circle Jerks was thoughtfully steadfast, yet relentless and ferocious in nature. Bringing together a potent, articulate rhythm section with earnest yet oftentimes derisive lyrics and themes, the band was thereafter heralded as a leader of the pack – and a force to be reckoned with. Plowing forward with a relentless, tooth-cutting work ethic and a rousing stage presence, the band would soon find itself headlining shows at LA’s 5,000-capacity Olympic Auditorium and emblazoned in cult video classics like Decline of Western Civilization, Repo Man, New Wave Theatre, and The Slog Movie. Over the
decades, Circle Jerks would release six studio albums, including the acclaimed Group Sex (1980) Wild in the Streets (1982), Golden Shower of Hits (1983), Wonderful (1985), and IV (1987), where they would become a major headliner during the alternative music explosion of the 80’s and 90’s. Morris and Hetson remain the only consistent members since the band’s creation. Bassist Zander Schloss (The Weirdos, Joe Strummer) has been a member since the 1980’s. During hiatuses, Morris fronted bands like OFF! and FLAG, while Hetson played guitar in Bad Religion.

The long list of those influenced by the legacy of the Circle Jerks ranges from Butthole Surfers to Red Hot Chili Peppers – with notable fans being Dogtown skateboarders, Chuck Berry, Alice Cooper, Elton John, Johnny Depp, Guns N’ Roses, and Philip K. Dick. Decades later, their music continues to make an imprint on generations of diverse music fans and those who challenge the status quo.

In celebration of the band’s 40th anniversary and the commemorative reissue of their celebrated landmark record Group Sex, Circle Jerks return to the stage for the first time in over a decade.

Higley enstand aus starken Freundschaften und jeder Menge noch stärkerem Kaffee. Im Jahr 2008 kontaktierte Kevin Carl (G-Whiz, Sloppy Seconds) seinen alten Freund Bill Stevenson (Hauptsongwriter bei den Descendents, All und ex Black Flag) sowie Duane Kiener (G-Whiz) um eine neue Band namens Higley zu gründen. Das Ergebnis waren fünf Songs die man umgehend aufgenommen hatte. Aber kurz darauf hatten die Musiker mit verschiedenen Rückschlägen zu kämpfen und die Band wurde auf Eis gelegt. Im Jahr 2010 belebte Kevin das Projekt wieder und nahm vier weitere Songs zusammen mit Bob Hoag von Pollen auf. Mit James Menefee von River City High fand die Band im Jahr 2015 endlich einen geeigneten Sänger. James sang die Vocals für alle Songs ein und brachte zwei eigene Songs mit ein. Das daraus resultierende Album ist ein Zeugnis für Freundschaft, Ausdauer, Essen und jeder Menge Spaß.


Pennywise + Circle Jerks - Neuer Termin folgt

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