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Fear Factory & special Guest


Fear Factory & special Guest

Los Angeles cyber metallers FEAR FACTORY have inked a deal with Nuclear Blast Entertainment for the release of their next studio album, due in the spring of 2015. The band will enter the studio in October with longtime producer/collaborator Rhys Fulber to begin recording the album, which will be mixed by acclaimed British producer Andy Sneap (MEGADETH, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, TESTAMENT, ACCEPT).

„FEAR FACTORY are truly one of the groundbreaking metal bands of our time,“ says Monte Conner. „On their 1992 debut, ‚Soul Of A New Machine‘, Burton C. Bell was the first singer to introduce the world to the alternating heavy and melodic dual-vocal approach that would go on to become a staple in metal to this very day. The following year, they were the first metal band to enter the industrial/dance remix world with the pioneering ‚Fear Is The Mindkiller‘ EP. And look at the countless metal bands who have since imitated the unique machine-gun-style rhythm section, created when Dino Cazares‚ staccato riffs locked in perfectly with the syncopated kick drums.

„I am excited to be reunited with this legendary band, and I am certain their Nuclear Blast Entertainment debut will be another FEAR FACTORY classic.“

On the topic of the musical direction of FEAR FACTORY‚s new material, Dino said: „Well, each one of our records are so different from each other. You know, it still sounds like FEAR FACTORY. There’s still the killer guitar picking, the killer drum beats, Burt‚s [C. Bell] beautiful vocals on the top of it, you know, that’s all still very much intact, but you always have to try and experiment and push your music to different places, you know what I mean? From [1992’s] ‚Soul Of A New Machine‘ to [1995’s] ‚Demanufacture‘ is a big jump, and ‚Demanufacture‘ is obviously so different. I would have to say this record would land somewhere between ‚Demanufacture‘ and [1998’s] ‚Obsolete‘.“

In addition to Cazares and Bell, FEAR FACTORY‚s current touring lineup features drummer Mike Heller and bassist Matt DeVries.

Fear Factory & special Guest

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