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The Brew (UK)- ABGESAGT!


The Brew (UK)- ABGESAGT!

Verlegung vom 05.05.2021 und 09.12.2021.

Das Konzert wurde aufgrund zu geringer Ticketverkäufe abgesagt! Hier das Statement der Band:

Statement THE BREW reg. the Markthalle show in Hamburg, 18.10.2022

We are really sorry, but we have to cancel the show in Hamburg due to miserable ticket sales. It´s not possible to play that show in the big hall with only a few people in the audience. The current situation in Germany (bad presales due to Covid, inflation, war in Ukraine and its effects on Europe etc) which is a general problem for a lot of tours and artists in in fall/winter 2022 doesn’t leave us any choice. It was a difficult decision as we love playing Hamburg, we love our fans there and it was always a highlight on tour. We are sorry to disappoint people who already bought a ticket, but of course you will receive a refund.

We will come back to Hamburg in the future and hope for a better situation.

Pls. keep supporting live music as otherwise it might vanish. Rock On !!!  


The Brew (UK)- ABGESAGT!

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18. Oktober 2022
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