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Ufomammut is a power trio formed in 1999 in Italy by Poia, Urlo and Vita.
Ufomammut is worldwide recognized as the creator of a unique brand of psychedelic sludge.
With long songs, droning vocals and massive effects the band combines a monumental riffing attitude with the psychedelia of the more visionary Pink Floyd.
Since the beginning, Ufomammut has always been in search of its own sonic way: developing from a primordial acid album like “Godlike Snake” (out in 2000), the band focused on a more mature and evil sound with the second album “Snailking”(2004).
The third album “Lucifer songs”, out in 2006, opened new and unexpected doors, being the result of a mature and tight-knit band willing to experiment whilst maintaining its dna. The flaming spatial voyage of “Snailking” remained as their core sound, evolving alongside new soundscapes made up of sinister atmospheres and gloomy sounds of vintage electronics.
”SUPERNATURALS “Record One” is an improvised session between Ufomammut and Lent0 out in 2007.
A super hypnotic and telluric monster session in which the bands play together around repetitive atmospheres broken by fragile openings: four guitars, a bass, synth, vocals and drums create a monolithic album, prelude to “Earthen” of Lento and sequel of Lucifer Songs by Ufomammut.
With monolithic and repetitive riffs submerged by a psychedelic and magmatic sound, “Idolum” brought the band to a new level of sound in 2008.
Eve, the fifth album, comprised of one 45-minute atmospheric track, divided into five distinct movements – acts as a living homage to the first woman on Earth, and the rebellion to her creator for bringing knowledge to Mankind comes out in 2010.
Eve is an undeniably infectious and utterly devastating piece of doom metal art that shall surely be a major player for the year.
ORO, divided into ten massive movements, and 2 chapters (Opus Primum and Opus Alter) came out in two separate pieces during 2012 for the american label Neurot recordings.
Oro explores the concept of knowledge and its power, the magical stream controlled by the human mind to gain control of every single particle of the World surrounding us.
Oro is like an alchemic laboratory in which substances are flowing, dividing and blending themselves in ten increments from the alembics and stills, culminating into the creation of Gold.
In 2014, Supernatural Cat (record label of Malleus Rock Art lab, artistic collective featuring Urlo and Poia with Lu) released XV, a visual journey to celebrate 15 years as a band.
The dvd includes over three hours of live footage — including Magickal Mastery Live, a 12 song live act — interviews, outtakes, and extras all documenting these first fifteen years of the band.
UFOMAMMUT’s status as one of the most potent, powerful and artistic contemporary doom artists in existence continues to captivate the masses, and the band’s worldwide grasp grows wider with each release.
In fifteen years the band has played several times around Europe reaching the US West Coast in 2009 and Canada in 2014.
Ufomammut has performed at international music festivals like Roadburn, Hellfest, Dour Festival, Ieper Fest, Asymmetry, Stoned from the Underground, South of Mainstream, Festival d’Affaire, Metalride fest, FIMAV, Up in Smoke festival and many more… sharing the stage with bands such as NEUROSIS, DOWN, BARONESS, RED FANG, AMEN RA, FU Manchu and many more.
Ufomammut’s live show is supported by the internationally acclaimed video and graphic art of Malleus, a rock artists’ collective who conjure the entirety of Ufomammut’s visual impact.

Ufomammut is:

Poia – Guitars and fx
Urlo – Bass, vocals, FX and synths
Vita – Drummer

Ciccio – Soundlord
Lu – visuals

– Stone deaf forever – Red Sun recs – 1999
– Blue Explosion – Tribute to Blue Cheer – Black Widow – 2000
– The Mobs new plan – Waterdragons recs – 2000
– Daredevil – Daredevil recs – 2000

Side Projects
– Supernaturals – Ufomammut & Lento – full lenght cd – Supernatural Cat – 2007

– Godlike Snake – full lenght cd/lp – Beard of Stars – 2000
– Snailking – full lenght cd – The Music Cartel – 2004
– Lucifer Songs – full lenght cd/dvd lp/dvd – Rocketrecs/Supernatural Cat – 2005
– Idolum – full lenght cd – 2lp+cd – Supernatutal Cat – 2008
– Snailking – full lenght double vinyl – Supernatural Cat – 2009
– EVE – full lenght cd – LP+cd+dvd – Supernatural Cat – 2010
– ORO – cd – LP+dvd – LP – Neurot Recordings / Supernatural Cat – 2012

– XV – 15 years of Ufomammut – Documentary and Live set – Supernatural Cat – 2014


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