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Wire- abgesagt


Wire- abgesagt

Das Konzert wurde abgesagt. Die Karten können zurück gegeben werden.

Below is a statement from the band, please can we post / action at 10am UK time Tuesday morning.

2020 has indeed thrown everyone in our industry into disarray and Wire are no exception to this. We don’t think it will come as a great surprise to anyone that there doesn’t seem to be any way to make the dates we have previously re-scheduled from May 2020 to March 2021 work. So we have taken the decision to refund everyone who bought tickets rather than reschedule them yet again with no real certainty we can fulfil the obligations. This will enable us to make a proper plan to configure a schedule that we most certainly can fulfil at a time when we know for certain it is as safe for us to tour as it us for you to come and see us without anyone having to practice social distancing!

WIRE are the definitive post-punk group. Since their inception they’ve maintained a reputation for creating music that stretches the rock form whilst simultaneously editing it down to its essence. With their gift for crafting songs that perfectly balance experimentation and accessibility, WIRE were recently hailed by the Quietus as “one of the most consistent British bands of all time”. Yet WIRE exhibit little inclination to look back or trade on past glories, rather they remain resolutely focused on producing music which is smart, vital and defiantly modern.

Mind Hive is the group’s first newly recorded material since 2017’s stellar Silver/Lead. That album garnered rave reviews (“Some of the best tunes they’ve done” – The Guardian) and career best sales. Yet, if Silver/Lead set the bar pretty high, Mind Hive seems to have no problem vaulting over it.

+ WIRE DJs – a different member of Wire DJing each night

Wire- abgesagt

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